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Recent updates in data tables and maps

04 April 2020

April2020 updates
Low birth weight for 2018

March 2020 updates
Recorded crime (numbers) for February 2020
Recorded crime (rates) for February 2020
Anti-social Behaviour (ASB) for February 2020
Rough Sleeper counts for 2019
Sexual Identity for 2018
Hip fractures for 2018/19
Particulate air pollution for 2018
Injuries due to falls in older people for 2018/19
Self-reported well-being for 2018/19
Cancer screening coverage for 2019
Admission episodes for alcohol-related conditions for 2018/19
Successful completion of drug treatment for 2018
Unintentional and deliberate injuries in children and young people for 2018/19
Social isolation in adult social care users and adult carers for 2018/19
Employment Rate Gap for 2018/19

February 2020 updates
Health state life expectancy 2016-2018
Dwelling Stock by Tenure 2018
Adults with a learning disability who live in a stable and appropriate accommodation 2018/19
Inequality in Life Expectancy 2018
House Prices and Sales to December 2019
Older people discharged to their own home 2018/19
Out-of-Work Benefit Claimants August 2019
Disability Living Allowance (DLA) Stat-Xplore August 2019
The Claimant Count January 2020
Business Demography: Enterprise births and deaths 2018
Business Demography: Enterprise Survival Rates 2018
GCSE and equivalent results by free school meal eligibility 2018/19
GCSE and equivalent results by disadvantage 2018/19
GCSE and equivalent results 2018/19
Electricity Consumption 2018
Gas Consumption 2018
Small Area Domestic Electricity and Gas Consumption 2018
Access to Services: Travel Time 2017
Access to Services 2017
Affordable Housing 2018/19
Social Rental Market 2018/19
Private Rental Market to Sept 2019

January 2020 updates
Small area mean house prices for June 2019
Public and Private Sector Employment up to September 2019
Employment by role up to September 2019
Employment by industry up to September 2019