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Links to other observatories

The Yorkshire and The Humber region

North East Lincolnshire Informed is a member of the Humber Data Observatory Group. This group provides and maintains information for the Humber sub-region:

    In addition to the Data Observatories within the Humber region there are also other Local Information Systems available for the other sub-regions in Yorkshire and the Humber. To visit the site of another Local Information System within the Yorkshire and Humber Region please select one of the following links below:

    The East Midlands region

    • Derbyshire Observatory
      This website provides an overview of Derbyshire on a range of social, health, economic, crime and environmental indicators. The indicators are grouped under ten quality-of-life themes. Together they build a picture of life in the county and help to identify where improvements are needed.

    • Leicestershire Statistics and Research Online (LRSO)
      This site holds over 800 statistical datasets about local communities, accessible as thematic maps or tables, as well as a wealth of professional research reports with in depth analysis.

    • Lincolnshire Research Observatory (LRO)
      A partnership aiming to increase access to quality data and intelligence on the county, led by Lincolnshire County Council.

    • Northamptonshire Observatory
      The Northamptonshire Observatory provides information and intelligence about Northamptonshire to improve decision-making, to support partnership working and better prepare us for the future. The information on the Northamptonshire Observatory is divided into 4 main themes which represent the ambitions of the Sustainable Communities Strategy for Northamptonshire.

    • Nottingham Insight
      A member of the insight web family providing a shared evidence base for Nottingham, Nottinghamshire and its districts.

    Additional sources

    • Data for Neighbourhoods (data4nr.net)
      The Data for Neighbourhoods and Regeneration site identifies and signposts datasets available for targeting, monitoring, priority setting and performance management at a neighbourhood level.