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Vulnerability in Children and Young People

Health Needs Assessment 2020

The Children’s Commissioner in England defines vulnerability as ‘the additional needs or barriers children face which may make them less likely to live healthy, happy, safe lives, or less likely to have successful transitions to adulthood’.

This health needs assessment describes the nature and prevalence of vulnerabilities in children and young people in North East Lincolnshire, along with their associated impact on health and wellbeing outcomes.

A modular approach has been taken, which describe the nature and impact of vulnerability at key trigger points, from birth through to transition to adulthood. A series of recommendations have been made to inform local priorities and maximise resource efficiency, and a range of preventive measures have also been identified.


Module 1 - About this Health Needs Assessment

Module 2 - Background

Module 3 - Demography and Deprivation

Module 4 - Start Well: Healthy Birth

Module 5 - Start Well: Early Years

Module 6 - Five up in North East Lincolnshire

Module 7 - Developing Well

Module 8 - Parental and Social Factors

Module 9 - Service Utilisation: Children's Services

Module 10 - Service Utilisation: Health Services

Module 11 - Exploring Resilience

Module 12 - How well are we meeting needs?

Evidence Review - Childhood Vulnerabilities and Outcomes in Early Adulthood

Best Practice Guidelines and Useful Literature


This needs assessment is our dedicated children’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA), and compliments our overarching JSNA which is aligned to the North East Lincolnshire Outcomes Framework.

The needs assessment was presented to the SEND executive board on 5 March 2020


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