Children’s Social Care Statistics

Children's Social Care Statistics

To provide a better understanding the workings of Children’s Services in North East Lincolnshire we publish our data on:

This information will be updated annually.

Please note that we changed our children’s social care management system in 2019 so this maybe the start date of some of the published data. If you wish to request data prior to that date it might take over the 18 hours.

Local Authority Interactive Tool (LAIT)

An interactive spreadsheet for comparing data about children and young people across all local authorities in England.

Local authority interactive tool (LAIT) - GOV.UK ( - opens a new tab/window.

Link to our Policies and Procedures - opens a new tab/window.

Information we do not publish

We are unable to disclose information relating to the classification of mental health, illness, or disability for our children as this information is classed as ‘personal data’ as defined in the Data Protection Act. Personal data is exempt from disclosure by section 40 (2) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.