Profile by theme

Profiles by theme

Choosing a theme from either the home page or the Data menu item creates a report containing data for the UTLA/LA level. It is then possible to select other geography levels to see data for a given ward or LSOA division.

Step 1 - Begin at the Home page or use the Data menu

Step 1 Home and Data menu items

Step 2 - Choose a theme

Step 2 Choose a theme

Next, view the report for a chosen geography and area.

Step 3 - Choose the report view

Step 3 Choose reports view

Step 4 - Choose a geography level and area

Step 4 Choose a geography level and area

Next, view an indicator in Map view.

Step 5 - Choose the map view

Step 5 Choose map view

The map facility allows for a single indicator to be shown on a thematic map. Options for creating the map include:

  • A searchable set of indicators within the selected theme
  • Geography level selection
  • Animated time series feature (where available)
  • A selection of boundary layers and base maps
  • A selection of thematic, aka choropleth, map classifications and a proportional circles option
  • The chart legend for the selected classification
  • A table of feature values, e.g. ward values
  • Printing/PDF output options