Data discovery tools

Data Discovery Tools

A selection of key statistical indicators from the National Data Store are included in profiles providing data at a variety of geography levels. A variety of data discovery tools allow for these or other indicators from the data store to be shown on a map or explored in more detail with data tables or charts.

Thus, the website is organised around both easy to find standard reports and tools that offer more control over how to use the data.

  • The Search facility is helpful in discovering where indicators are reported on within the data observatory.
  • The Quick Ward Profile tool will generate a ward overview report from either a postcode or a ward area selected from an interactive map.
  • Themed profile reports can be viewed at different geography levels and indicators associated with the profile can be viewed on a map.
  • The Data Explorer tool allows data to be found and explored in a variety of ways.
  • The Custom Area Reporter tool generates profile reports from two or more geographic areas such the area covered by two or more wards.

The relationship between these tools and the website features is summarised in the table below.

Data discovery tools table

The Data Discovery Tools are accessed from the home page and the main menu.

Home page:

  • Search
  • Quick ward profile
  • Themed profiles

Main menu

  • Themed profiles
  • JSNA & local resources
  • Data Explorer
  • Custom Area Reporter