Office for Health Improvement & Disparities (OHID) and other resources

Office for Health Improvement & Disparities (OHID) and other resources

Detailed information on a wide variety of topics is available from the Office for Health Improvement & Disparities website which includes benchmarking and trend data.
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Local Authority Health Profile
Local authority health profile

Public Health Outcomes Framework
Public Health Outcomes Framework profile

Children and young people
Child and maternal health profile
Pregnancy and birth profile
Early years profile
School age children profile
Young people profile

Local alcohol profile
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Older People
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Migration Yorkshire is a local authority led partnership which works across sectors in the Yorkshire and the Humber to provide leadership and coordination, support, and data and research on migration issues. Migration Yorkshire have published a local migration profile for North East Lincolnshire which describes the main migration trends and summarises the latest available data. Migration Yorkshire have also published a North East Lincolnshire newcomers briefing, which describes and includes statistics about the newest arrivals locally.
Local Migration Profile 2020
Newcomers Profile 2019
Newcomers Infographic 2019Newcomers Infographic 2019

The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) have compiled a comprehensive eye health and sight loss report for North East Lincolnshire.
RNIB Sight Loss Briefing 2023

Sport England have developed a local insight tool that lets you view key statistics for an area around a number of themes.
Sport England Local Area Insights website

Sport England have developed an Active Lives Online tool that allows you to build queries that analyse the responses to the Active Lives Surveys.
Sport England Active Lives Children Survey Tool webpage
Sport England Active Lives Adult Survey Tool webpage